Volunteer Release Form

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Read and sign to acknowledge your understanding and agreement of the guidelines for volunteers. You are responsible for your actions and carry the liability for such actions.

The following will be expected to be upheld while volunteering with The Road Home Animal Project (TRHAP):

  • Always have the best of the TRHAP animal in mind. If you do not know what is best, do not hesitate to ask a TRHAP board member.
  • Do not put the animals in any social or public situation outside of TRHAP's permission.
  • While under your care, TRHAP animals are NOT to meet any new people or other animals outside of the TRHAP organization unless instructed to do so by a TRHAP board member.
  • When answering questions about the TRHAP animal to the public in regard to behavior, age, breed and temperament, you will only refer to the information provided by the TRHAP board members. If no insight is given, instruct the public to contact TRHAP for more information.
  • If a TRHAP animal is in need of immediate medical assistance, you will honor contacting a TRHAP board member immediately while assisting to safely transport the TRHAP animal to our veterinarian at New Horizon Animal Hospital [52635 Bellaire-High Ridge Rd, St Clairsville, OH 43950; (740) 695-8387]
  • You will try to encourage training exercises and positive behavior while working with the TRHAP animal. This includes not encouraging jumping on people, play biting or excessive leash pulling. If you need assistance in controlling/correcting these behaviors, ask a TRHAP board member.
  • If given a training tool (ie pinch collar, martingale collar, slip lead, etc.) they will be used appropriately to never inflict harm, and will be returned with the animal.
  • Training treats and special food items are allowed, if approved by a TRHAP board member.
  • The TRHAP animal will be crated or appropriately tethered to a seat belt if transported.
  • Understand and acknowledge that each animal is different, and they may have a past with triggers or temperaments that may be unpredictable.
  • You will notify TRHAP immediately if you notice any illness/ill behavior/temperament issue that may result in concern/injury to the pet, others or yourself.
  • Understand that dogs may scratch, bite or otherwise cause harm (intentional or otherwise). Assuming this understanding, you are assuming the risk of any and all injuries or damages to yourself and/or belongings that may incur relating to your dealings with animals under the care of TRHAP.
  • As a volunteer of The Road Home Animal Project (TRHAP), you agree to fully release and hold harmless The Road Home Animal Project, TRHAP animals and TRHAP board of directors; from any personal injury, property damages, claims, damages of any sort, expenses, cause of action, court costs and attorney fees relating directly or indirectly to your assisting as a volunteer of animals for The Road Home Animal Project.

By signing, I have read and agree to all terms in this agreement.

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